Tess Bradley, CMT, AHP

Bodywork, Massage & Movement Therapy

 Integrative, client-centered approach

Serving the mid-peninsula in SF Bay Area

61 Renato Court, ste 15, Redwood City, CA 94061 


Tess loves somatic work. She has dedicated over 25 years to learning and practicing clinical massage, bodywork and movement therapy. She draws from a wide range of eastern and western, modern and ancient resources as well as her own curiosity, presence, and compassion. Her sessions feel gentle, deep, direct, aligning and grounding.  

Tess works with you, asking if you have an intention for your session. She honors your feedback and adheres to the sayings “The customer is always right” and also “The body never lies”. Tess’ rehabilitative work supports you to fully recover from an injury, surgery, or life transition. She helps people resolve patterns underlying acute and chronic pain (including abdominal and pelvic pain in women). She also offers pregnancy massage, and “I just need to feel my body” massage sessions that are simply nurturing and present. Many people are silent, but some like to talk, cry, moan, sing, or… snore! 

Are you unsure what safe touch feels like? Tess also has six years of professional training and supervision working with a mental health resources wraparound team program to provide bodywork that works well for clients with sensitivity, touch aversion, anxiety, depression, traumatic history and abuse recovery issues. If you aren’t sure about receiving massage, you might enjoy a style of touch that is clothed, such as Thai massage, acupressure or reflexology. 

Blaze your own trail. Tess enjoys working directly and indirectly with other healthcare professionals. She believes that integrative care has exponential value compared to an authoritative, single-therapist approach. She has seen firsthand over many years how clients of all ages thrive when they create circles of support around themselves. This support may take the form of activities, such as physical or spiritual practices, but also often involves people: personal or professional individuals. By regarding these concentric circles of support,  healthcare providers can fulfill their role with integrity and ethical wisdom. Clients who are encouraged to blaze their own trail can access compassion, acceptance, receptivity, trust, agency and power within. 

Roots and wings. Tess’ work is influenced by the work of Jean Pierre Barall, Paul Dugliss, Lynda Caesara, Moshe Feldenkrais, Bruce Berger, John Upledger, and many other pioneers of complementary manual therapy who trust and listen to the messages of the body. In Spring 2017, Tess will graduate from the four year ISSE Feldenkrais Teacher Training program, taught by Paul Rubin and Julie Casson-Rubin as a Feldenkrais Guild certified teacher and begin to officially offer Functional Integration. She is currently offering private Awareness Through Movement lessons, inquire if you are interested.

I’ll meet you where you are.

Eastern bodywork training:
Ayurveda, Acupressure, Chi Nei Tsang, Polarity Energy Balancing, Shiatsu,

 Table Thai, Traditional Thai Massage (Old Medicine Hospital, Chiang Mai), and Tui Na

Western bodywork training: 
Awareness Through Movement (accredited teacher), Berry Method (muscle, joint, tendon), Cranio Sacral Therapy, Deep Tissue, Orthopedic massage, Osteopathic soft tissue work e.g. strain/counterstrain and positional release, Myo-fascial Release, Posture/Alignment, Prenatal massage, Reflexology, Sports, Swedish, Trigger Point Therapy, Visceral Manipulation


BENEFITS: What Tess’ clients say…

Valuable support pre and post surgery & physical therapy 

  •  “healed much faster than either I or my physical therapist expected”
  •  “helped me recover from torn rotator cuff”
  • “greatly helped my husband’s back injury recovery”
  • “gently assisted me in gaining back my leg mobility and functioning in my arm after my   hip and elbow replacement”
  • “in much less pain and on the road to recovery”

Relaxation and body connection 

  • “take me away from thinking into feeling”
  • “whole core feels more aligned and grounded”
  • “just what my body needed”
  • “brought my entire being into a state of peace and relaxation”
  • “gentle but effective
  • “overall sense of relaxation and being nurtured”

Decreased pain

  •  “best pain management tool that I have yet found”
  • “better than medications or injections”
  • “I am in much less pain”
  • “helped relieve serious lower back pain following a knee surgery”
  • “resolving years of pain and discomfort”
  • “Each time I lay on the table, I know that I will get up from it feeling infinitely better”

Client-centered support 

  • “attentive”
  • “listened carefully to my concerns” 
  • “always takes my feedback into consideration”
  • “longtime healing and ongoing benefits”
  •  “positive support”
  • “wonderful energy”
  •  “helps me recover a lot faster from my workouts”
  • “great asset”
  • “useful exercises and pursuits to practice”
  • “helpful suggestions for stretches to do in between sessions”
  • “consistent care”

Finding the right areas 

  • “identify places that were bothering me without me telling her”
  • “able to find the problems”
  • “meticulously evaluated my body”
  • “ability to both listen to what my body is telling her as well as to gently tell it what it should be doing” 

Release of tension 

  • “helped me get rid of tension I was carrying in my back and neck for years”
  • “Detangle bundles of muscles and nerves, decrease neuropathy”
  • “released the tight areas”
  • “migraines and digestive issues improving”
  • “my ankle hasn’t felt this normal in months”
  • “our work… almost entirely reversed my hand arthritis”
  • “resolving years of pain and discomfort”



THAI energy lines

Office location: 

61 Renato Court,  suite 15, Redwood City 94061 

7 days a week, by appointment only