Tess Bradley, CMT 

Certified Massage Therapist 

Ayurvedic Health Practitioner 

Menlo Pilates & Yoga annex studio
607 Menlo Ave • Menlo Park, CA 94025 

Tues through Sat by appt


Tess has over 20 years of extensive training and experience in eastern and western styles of therapeutic massage and bodywork. She honors the individual and works with you and your “issues in the tissues” to help you feel great, balanced and relaxed. 

I’ll meet you where you are 

in the healing process.

Benefits of Tess’ work (quotes from clients)

  • Relaxation and body connection “take me away from thinking into feeling”, “whole core feels more aligned and grounded”, “just what my body needed”, “brought my entire being into a state of peace and relaxation”, “gentle but effective”, “overall sense of relaxation and being nurtured”
  • Decreased pain “best pain management tool that I have yet found”, “better than medications or injections”, “I am in much less pain”, “helped relieve serious lower back pain following a knee surgery”, “resolving years of pain and discomfort” “Each time I lay on the table, I know that I will get up from it feeling infinitely better”
  • Client-centered support  “attentive”, “listened carefully to my concerns”, “always takes my feedback into consideration”, “longtime healing and ongoing benefits”, “positive support”, “wonderful energy”, “helps me recover a lot faster from my workouts”, “great asset”, “useful exercises and pursuits to practice”, “helpful suggestions for stretches to do in between sessions”, “consistent care”
  • Finding the right areas  “identify places that were bothering me without me telling her”, “able to find the problems”, “meticulously evaluated my body”, “ability to both listen to what my body is telling her as well as to gently tell it what it should be doing” 
  • Release of tension “helped me get rid of tension I was carrying in my back and neck for years”, “Detangle bundles of muscles and nerves, decrease neuropathy”, “released the tight areas”, “migraines and digestive issues improving”, “my ankle hasn’t felt this normal in months”, “our work… almost entirely reversed my hand arthritis”, “resolving years of pain and discomfort”
  • Valuable support after an injury  “healed much faster than either I or my physical therapist expected”,  “helped me recover from torn rotator cuff”, “greatly helped my husband’s back injury recovery”,  “gently assisted me in gaining back my leg mobility and functioning in my arm after my hip and elbow replacement”,  “in much less pain and on the road to recovery”

“Mainstream medicine is firmly committed to ‘a better life through chemistry’, and so the fact that we can actually change our own physiology and inner equilibrium by means other than drugs is rarely considered.” - Bessel Van der Kolk, MD, The Body Keeps the Score



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